Härligt krispiga tulpaner

We all love wonderfully crispy tulips and now that it’s ours, there are tulips in almost every store.

Buying tulips and putting them on our tables in all their colors is wonderful. You can put a large bouquet in a vase or an individual in small vases or glasses at a table setting. There are so many ways to use flowers.

Taking care of your tulips

In order for you to enjoy your tulips for a long time, there are some tricks that you can use. It’s not fun if you buy tulips and they have withered after a few days.

You should always look in the bucket or bowl in the store that the tulips have been in water. You should not buy tulips that are without water.

When you come home with your bouquet, leave the packaging behind. You cut off the stems an inch with a sharp knife. Then the tulips can more easily absorb water.

If you use a dull knife, you get the opposite effect. Then the fine tubes of the stem are squeezed together.

Place the tulips in a vase filled with cold and fresh water. Let them stand there for about an hour.

After an hour, remove the package and arrange your bouquet in a vase. It does not have to be in the vase you put them in from the beginning.

Tulips really want cold water.

Avoid placing the tulips near fresh fruit or direct heat.

Give the tulips a new cut surface and new water at some point.

The tulips last longer in cool temperatures.